1. Name and affiliation of lodge. Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge (No. 145), Order of the Arrow, shall be affiliated with Dan Beard Council (No. 438), Boy Scouts of America, and shall be under the supervision of the Council Camping Committee and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.
  2. Election to membership
    • A. The requirements for membership in this lodge are as stated in the current printing of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.
    • B. Procedure for the Ordeal shall be as stated in the Order of the Arrow Handbook and the Guide to Inductions.
  3. Officers
    • A. The elected officers of this lodge shall be the Lodge Chief, Lodge Chapter Relations Vice Chief, Lodge Service Vice Chief, Lodge Activities Vice Chief, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer (in order of election and succession). All officer’s must be younger than 21 during the entire term of office.
    • B. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected lodge officers (see Section 3.A), immediate Past Lodge Chief, all Chapter Chiefs, all Standing Lodge Committee Chairmen, Lodge Adviser, Council Camping Committee Chairman, all Chapter Advisers, Scout Executive, Council Vice President of Camping, Lodge Staff Adviser, Associate Lodge Advisers, and Associate Lodge Staff Advisers.
    • C. Lodge Officers will be elected at the Lodge Business Meeting conducted at the conclusion of the Fall Fellowship.
    • D. Any lodge officer elected to a Section office will work with the lodge adviser on an agreeable succession plan within 30 days of the election.
  4. All lodge and chapter advisers are appointed annually for a term not to exceed one year.
    • A. The Lodge Adviser is appointed by the Scout Executive.
    • B. Chapter Advisers are appointed by the Scout Executive or his designee.
    • C. All lodge Committee Advisers and Associate Lodge Advisers are appointed by the Lodge Adviser with the consent of the Lodge Staff Adviser.
    • D. All Chapter Committee Advisers and Assistant Chapter Advisers are appointed by the Chapter Adviser with the consent of the Chapter Staff Adviser
  5. Brotherhood membership. Completion of Brotherhood membership shall be in accordance with the requirements in the current printing of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.
  6. The Vigil Honor. Attainment of the Vigil Honor shall be in accordance with the requirement in the current printing of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.
  7. Finances. All Order of the Arrow funds shall be handled through the council service center and go through all normal council accounting procedures.
  8. Voting. Adult Scouters, age 21 or older, do not have a vote in matters of lodge business.
  9. Policies. Policies concerning lodge operation will be established by the Lodge Executive Committee by a simple majority of voting members that are present.
  10. Amendments. Lodge rules may be amended, modified, or ratified by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and the approval of the Scout Executive. All rule changes must be ratified by a simple majority vote of the lodge membership present at a scheduled lodge business meeting.
  11. National and Council Policy. Any lodge rules or policies which are in violation of the policies of the National Committee, Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, or the Dan Beard Council By-Laws are immediately null and void.