Chapter Information

The Lodge is divided into Seven chapters, representatives of the 7 districts of the council.  Chapters are a way to divide the work and responsibilities of the Lodge.  Each chapter has the following officers and committees to divide the work.  They report to their respective lodge officer or committee chairman.

  • Chapter Chief
  • Chapter Vice Chief (responsible for unit elections/camp promotions)
  • Chapter Secretary/Treasurer (responsible for handling chapter fundraising support)
  • Chapter Troop Representative Chairman (responsible for coordinating program on chapter level)

Chapter Meetings

Chapters hold regular meetings monthly to coordinate the work of the Lodge to be done in that chapter.  Each chapter has elected officers and committees.

The ideal chapter meeting agenda consists of 15 minutes of business and the rest of the meeting time should be used for brotherhood. Each chapter meeting should have a brotherhood activity planned around it to make brothers want to attend.