The Ceremonies Committee is always looking for new members to do anything, whether they are new Arrowmen or more experienced.

The Ceremonies Committee is the team of Arrowmen who run the many ceremonies the Lodge puts on. They are the ones who both plan and run the ceremonies such as the Ordeal Initiation and the Brotherhood Ceremony.

Providing an opportunity for performance.
Our Committee is a place that nurtures public speaking and body language skills, theatrical performance skills, and operational management skills. We provide regular feedback on these skills, and offer ways to improve yourself in these skills. Our Committee also offers the opportunity to compare your skills to those across the country in Sectional and National ceremony competitions.

Answer all your questions about the mysteries of the OA.
In our Committee we can fill in the blanks about how the Order began and why it is what it is today. Our ceremonies provide knowledge about the origin story of the Order as well as it’s principles.

Creating a place to belong.
Our Committee is a place to make friends of similar interests, and grow and develop with them as a team. Through our ceremonies you can grow as Brothers in our Order and in life.

Involvement opportunities.
Torchbearer. Ceremonialist. Stage Crew. All are vital roles in ceremonies. If you want to be a part of the committee, we’ll find a role for you!

Leave a Legacy.
The Ku-Ni-Eh Ceremony Committee has a high standard of excellence. Teams compete every year on Section Conclave to be evaluated and ranked against other teams in the section, consistently taking home awards for 1st and 2nd place. Teams also go to NOAC for evaluation. 2 Ku-Ni-Eh teams have received the distinction as being National Honor teams in the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony. At least 1 Ku-Ni-Eh ceremonialist has distinguished as a National Honor Ceremonialist for the Pre-Vigil ceremony.

Chairman: Zack B

Advisor: Bill Palmer

Helpful documents 

The default passwords are the admonition.

Awake My Friends: Awake-my-friends

Ceremonialist’s Handbook: OAceremonialisthandbook

Call-out Ceremony: Call-out Ceremony

Broken Arrow Ceremony: OA-BrokenArrowCeremony

The most up-to-date ceremonies and resources are located here: OA Inductions Portal